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Saturday, 11 September 2010


With the frame and forks resprayed and boasting new decals the last stage is to add a clearcoat for protection. Without one, the decals would peel off eventually.

I found Mario Vaz by looking in the small ads in Cycling Weekly. He used to work for FW Holdsworth and offers a stove enamelling service as well as clearcoating/laquering.
He's also a something of a bike guru.

Classic frames awaiting collection. 

Mario Vaz will sandblast and spray your frame as well as source and apply decals. The browny coloured Hetchins has the curly seat stays which make it one of the most collectable frames. Stays are just out of shot unfortunately.

He'll also add paint detailing on request. And his prices are very fair.

[Latest: On collection Mario said "if you'd asked me before I'd clearcoated it I would have painted in your Rossin detailing." Doh!!]

The Vaz workshop

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