I'm William Rossin and the founder of Rossin brand is my father. Me and my father are happy that many people still appreciate his work.

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Monday, 13 September 2010


Armourtex did a great job with the powdercoating.The paint has a sort of lustre.
I was surprised how easy it was to source the decals. And also surprised by their quality.

The whole process of decal attachment was scary but turned out to be a bit easier than I thought it would be. And the results have exceeded my expectations by quite a long way. Do I need a topcoat to protect the decals, that's the question I'm faced with now.
[Update: After research I've realised I do need a topcoat to protect the decals, in particular the Campagnolo and Columbus steel ones. Having this done on return from holiday in France.]

What is most pleasing (and oddly surprising) is that the frame, with decals attached, now looks like a brand new Rossin frame might have looked in 1982. Very satisfying!

The Rossin decals were large and therefore tricky to apply. They wrapped around the tubes, so I decided to stick the central part on first and press down from the centre working outwards. It was quite a relief when they were finally attached.

My favourite decal!

[Below] Decal application. These Rossin decals were bought from
Cyclomondo on eBay, and they're very good.

[Above] Rossin decal half way through application.


  1. Do you know where can I find an original chromed Rossin fork?

    I know it is a difficult question but I got a frame about 3 months ago and the previous owner didn't have it :S

    As you, I am restoring an old frame and that's the only thing I dont have.... What fork would you recommend if it is imposible to find the original one?

  2. Only just saw this post Arturo, sorry. I guess the usual bike forums, eBay, Google. I think you see them come up occasionally.

  3. where did you purchase those particular stickers?

  4. Hi. This blog is a great find. I have a Rossin bike and am looking for decals. I couldn't find Cyclomondo on eBay though. Do you have any other sources that you could recommend?