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Friday, 10 September 2010

It's Powdercoating Time

Simon at The London Cycle Workshop kindly stripped the bike of all the bits that needed to be removed before powdercoating could take place: bottom bracket, headset, bottle cage mounts, seatpost clamp and the mysterious screw things from the dropouts.

At Armourtex, after a chat with Steve, I decided to go with their standard gloss white.
He also told me that as some of the chrome was in poor condition it would be best to paint over more of it, so the forks will be two thirds powdercoat, one third chrome, rather than the other way round. The same will apply with the chromed stays.
Some of their colours were very tempting, in particular the metallic dark red. Maybe next time!

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  1. Good idea that you have your bike powder coated. This will make your bike more durable, and it will definitely serve its purpose for a better bike riding experience once it is powder coated. Glossy white is absolutely a good color, but I think it would be more fascinating to look at with metallic dark red as well. It’s up to you what color you prefer, what’s important is that you have it powder coated.